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Project Checklist

There is a lot to consider and remember before, during and after your Karndean floor is installed. Take a look at our project checklist so you know what to expect.

Choosing Your Floor

Not sure where to start? 

Karndean product brochure

Know what you want?

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Preparing for Install Day

Prep Your Space 

  • Create a protected walking path from your door to where Karndean will be installed. Use sheets of cardboard over hard surface floors or plastic sheets over carpet and tape them to the surface to avoid a tripping hazard.
  • Remove furniture and breakables, including pictures that are not permanently fixed to the wall.
  • Make your installers aware of any gas, water or electrical appliances that may require disconnection.
  • If your new Karndean Designfloor will be installed directly over your existing floor, properly clean the existing floor.
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48 Hours Before

  • Turn off underfloor heating at least 48 hours before install day.
  • If your retailer has delivered your product ahead of time, place the boxes in the room where the material will be installed and allow the product to acclimate for 48 hours prior to installation.
  • Set the room temperature to between 65°F and 85°F for 48 hours before installation.


After Installation

Before you put everything back

  • Wait 24 hours before you clean your new floor or move furniture back so that the adhesive has time to cure.
  • After 24 hours, sweep up any dirt or debris and then mop with a pH neutral, fragrance-free cleaner approved for use with vinyl flooring.
  • Before moving furniture back, put felt pads or stainless steel bottoms on the feet of tables and/or chairs, or use load-bearing casters to protect against heavy furniture.
  • Save some extra material should a piece become damaged down the line and need to be replaced. (Keep in mind: Our gluedown and loose lay products are individually replaceable.)
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Start  enjoying  your  new  floors!